STAFF REPORT IBD: Siemens has presented a series of solutions aimed at boosting the reliability and efficiency of Pakistans electrical power systems and industrial networks at the Karachis IEEEP Exhibition 2013. Siemens is the global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering which is operating in the energy, infrastructure, industry and healthcare sectors.

At the event, Siemens Pakistan presented solutions to many of the challenges facing the countrys power infrastructure, including Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Systems (Simoprime, Sivacon,) and products (ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, AFD – Fire Detection Equipment, Relays) , Smart Grid Systems, Network Analysis Tools, Load Management Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Motors, Contactors, PLCs, Security and Intrusion Protection.

The company also displayed the simulation model for its Energy Management System, which was designed specifically for Pakistani industries and buildings.

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