Science fair at PakTurk school attracts large visitors

STAFF REPORT IBD: In a festive ambience, young students of PakTurk School delightfully illustrated how science and art interconnect in real life offering valuable life lessons.

The well-demonstrated 3D models, showcased at the recently organized Third Eye Science and Art Exhibition in the Fatima Jinnah Park, offered the visitors a unique chance to see, hear and relate with the works of art that depicted human values while enjoying Turkish cuisine.

The exhibition was arranged by the PakTurk International Schools and Colleges.

Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Sadik Babur Girgin was the guest of honour at the event. He curiously listened to the explanations and insights offered by young students while appreciating their endeavour.

He also expressed his keen interest and satisfaction about the intellectual ideas of students.

CDA Chairman Nadeem Hassan Asif while visiting the exhibition appreciated the work of students and said, “Turkey is a brotherly Islamic country which has been doing best to transform Pakistans coming generations, society and the economy.” Lauding the economic cooperation and support during natural disasters by Turkey, he said that provision of affordable and quality education to the Pakistani children would have a very positive and long-term impact.

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