Pakistan, US jointly introduce new wheat variety

STAFF REPORT IBD: Scientists from the United States and Pakistan have introduced and tested NARC-2011, a new variety resistant to the feared UG-99 wheat variety.

According to details, the Wheat Productivity Enhancement project (WPEP) of the US Department of Agriculture has shown its highest priority to introduce disease resistant wheat varieties to Pakistan.

“The WPEP is working with Pakistani and international scientists to introduce, evaluate and release new high-yielding disease resistant wheat varieties,” said an official of the NARC while speaking about this development.

He said that the project is making progress following the successful testing and release of a highly productive variety that survives even the most destructive wheat disease.

At a recently held two-day WPEP annual wheat planning meeting, the participants agreed that making UG 99 resistant varieties available to farmers is a critical step in ensuring protection of wheat crop.

American and Pakistani agriculture scientists have expressed satisfaction over the progress made by the WPEP.

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