Pak students attend London science forum

STAFF REPORT IBD: Four Pakistani students have recently participated in the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) 2013 held at the Imperial College London.

LIYSF is an educational forum regularly organized on annual basis since 1959 and Pakistani students sponsored by the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) are participating in it since 2012.

The PSF as a part of its Science Promotion and Popularization programmes in the country also supports young students by providing them the opportunity to participate in the International Science Forums.

This year, four students including Warda Faridi, Haseeb Ahmed, Ferkhanda Zareen and Rizwan Ali Khan were selected after written test and detailed interviews by a panel of scientists. PSF Member Science Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto was team leader of these students during their visit to London.

During the LIYSF-2103, more than 300 students from 60 countries of the five continents gathered under one roof and they lived together as community members for about two weeks, which helped them improve their learning outcomes and to understand each others customs and culture.

The Forum provided them a deeper understanding of science and its application for the benefit of mankind.

The LIYSF 2013 activities included lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, seminars, debates and discussions on scientific topics of world concern, visits to academic research centres in London, Oxford and Cambridge and visits to science and natural history museums.

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