STAFF REPORT RWP: In order to complete 100 per cent attendance of teachers in government schools, the Punjab government has decided to install fingerprint bio-matrix in all institutions.

According to sources, the system would contain scanners that would be installed in the school. Every teacher would mark his/her attendance by giving thumb impression on the machine. Financial assistance for the implementation of the bio-matrix system will be sought from international community and NGOs. Each machine will cost approximately Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000.

Officials of the Education Department say that the system would help improve the education quality in government schools when the teachers would focus on their professional assignments. While on the other hand, educational circles declared the project a waste of considerable time and money as according to them, it would not be able to yield the desired results. They said that the attendance of the teachers is already 92 per cent, while eight percent absent teachers include those female teachers who are on different official leaves. They said that the schools have to hire special security guards for the costly machines, especially in the evening.

The educationists also said that in current excessive electricity load shedding situation in country is also a problem for the implementation of the system as the machines would be off during the hours of outages.

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