Microsoft empowers businesses through technology innovation

STAFF REPORT KHI: Microsoft Pakistan Country Manager, Amir Rao, has said that Microsoft is successfully playing its role in transforming the way organizations and individuals work today.

He said this while addressing a media gathering recently organized by the Microsoft Pakistan in Karachi which was largely attended by leading journalists from electronic, print and digital medium organizations.

The discussion was targeted for the business sector of the country, which is gaining momentum as the economy is gearing up for a recovery. At such a significant juncture, the use of technology can optimize operations and enhance the efficiencies of enterprises operating in any field.

“The advent of technological solutions for businesses has opened a new front for companies to gain a competitive edge in the market,” said Rao.

He further said that Microsoft offers a wide range of software tailored for the business sector which can significantly enhance the productivity of a company and thus appreciate the ROI. We believe that in order to take this country forward, we must stay abreast with all the technological innovations because these advances promise a sustainable economic future and an enhanced lifestyle for the employees and customers of a business.

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