pic NUST Science SoceitySTAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST Science Society has recently conducted another session of their TechTalk series at the School of Chemical and Material Engineering (SCME), NUST H-12 Campus. The session highlighted the solutions to the problem of energy crisis faced by Pakistan with focus on zero-energy homes in the country.

The guest speaker of the event was Saad Asif, the founder and CEO of Nexton Group. He emphasized that a developing country should develop passive systems of energy where the focus is insulation rather than the generation of energy.

He identified that Pakistan has the potential of exploiting solar power to the fullest and that bio-metric architecture should be used while building homes since domestic power has the highest energy demand in Pakistan.

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session where the students asked thought provoking questions which were answered thoroughly by the speaker.

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