I WOULD like to share with readers that way back in the early 1940s, just before the end of World War II, an experiment to run water-fuelled car was successfully held and went into operation in the former state of Hyderabad (Deccan), India. As a reaction to extreme scarcity and rationing of petrol, Mahboob Ali, a pioneering former director of wireless and broadcasting and son of eminent scholar Maulvi Chiragh Ali, invented a gadget that made cars run on water and steam.

The truth of its success was confirmed by the fact that even the Nizam, the ruler of Hyderabad state, himself had this device fitted on his royal family cars. It was also officially used on some Hyderabad Road Transport buses.

But before Mahboob Ali could actually convert this project into a commercial enterprise, the war ended in 1945.

I congratulate Engineer Waqar Ahmad for his effort and hope he will get all the encouragement and support from the related quarters in Pakistan.

Syed Ali Ahmed @Karachi

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