By Badar Minhas

WHILE I was a teacher, concerns from parents were often reported in parents-teachers meetings regarding the issues of miss-using the internet technology by teenagers. Now that I am working in a government policy making body; concerns are observed to be grave regarding the content online which is impacting our society day by day and thus deteriorating our values which are of prestige and to be proud of. Values of respecting females, elders, being obedient, caring, socializing in evening get to-gathers in villages etc are some of the core of our value chain.

Policy makers do say all these things but still its not implemented or half implemented. What mafia is here behind the curtains of scene? Who is director of the real drama in corporations marketing technology using entertainment as a slogan in addition to strong cry for “Freedom of Speech” which ceases to exist even in UK as Lord Nazir has been sacked? (a big question mark for the integrity in Wests words and actions). In Pakistan also, it is said that the sayings are only limited to meetings or talking. The implementation gap will remain there as it needs some one who is motivated, brave and has no self interests of any sort. A person who is said not to “talk the talk” rather “talk the walk” for giving solutions and then implementing there and then through actions identification (usually emphasized in Technology Foresight Action Planning and Identification process).

For ICT content also we need to focus on involving all the stakeholders especially religious leaders from all schools of thought, technology gurus, citizen, youth and government policy makers to discuss the far future scenarios used in Technology Foresight world wide and make use of action research in Futures Studies through collaborations with OIC world and EU (as humans are all the same and have 95 per cent common cultural perspectives). ICT content issues are not only for the Islamic world but also for all in the world. In West, it is said by the internet governing body in US that thousands of applications have been received regarding banning of malicious web sites spoiling their young kids and promoting obscene culture world wide which is against the human nature and culture.

Same is true for Pakistan but aggression is integrated with what internet is propagating all over the world. Policy makers need to sincerely think over it not for making out some benefits for some persons rather for the whole nation. India is planning to have its own operating system and internet for securing all they believe is important to them. Why not we use our IT professionals and computer engineers coupled with electronic engineers to work out a roadmap to come up with safe, secure, halal and healthy telecom technology. The power is in our own hands to raise issues resulting into tissues to form an organ of a society for its welfare and for performing important function of: Stirring to Do Good – Retarding from Doing Bad

The writer is Scholar Ph.D. Technology Management

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