IT IS common scientific knowledge that water when electrolysed yields hydrogen and oxygen gas. This gas, known as HHO, is supposedly supplied to the engine as fuel.

The point of contention here is that this is being put forward as a new invention.

A cursory search on the Internet reveals that this so-called invention is nothing new. In fact, this idea has been around for a long time.

Do-it-Yourself guides and kits are freely available online for anybody to buy. That is the reason for so many recent claims on the subject. Therefore, claiming it as a new invention is basically wrong.

Hydrogen thus obtained is used in conjunction with gasoline boosting its efficiency and not all alone. Even a small such enrichment of the fuel with hydrogen will give large saving in petrol.

Since nothing of the process has been disclosed so far in our case, I am not going to criticise or support it. But the correct way to go about this is to take this device to the experts which in this case are the automobile companies. Without their endorsement nobody in the public is going to use it in their vehicle.

We all know that CNG did not become successful until Suzuki started supplying it with their vehicles. One thing in its favour is that it doesnt appear to be very expensive to fabricate.

I would also advise the government not to be embarrassed by supporting this device blindly but let the claim be verified by relevant experts and authorities and then take the next step.

Shahab Hasan @Karachi

By Web Team

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