STAFF REPORT LHR: NetSol Technologies CEO and Chairman Salim Ghauri has said that the local IT industry will be highly visible in the countrys economy within the next five years.

“Over 1,000 IT companies are operating in the country with over 100,000 employees; generating over a billion dollars in IT exports,” he said while talking to media here. He added that in the next five years, these numbers will change dynamically, and the IT industry will be contributing a lot to the economy.

He also said that the IT industry has reached maturity after progressing silently over the last 20 years. He said due to rapid progress in the sector, Pakistan is now included among the best countries for Information Technology.

Ghauri claimed that Pakistan exports Rs 5billion in IT, and is globally ranked at number two in IT services. He said that work is continuing in the country on software, and progress is being achieved rapidly in almost all areas of its implementation; including mobiles, telephony, internet, etc.

He suggested that the government must foster the software and IT sector before protections expire in 2016. He said this was necessary, as the IT industry was still young; if neglected, it may weaken.

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