STAFF REPORT IBD: The three-day international training workshop on Internet Resource Management (IRM), DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) has recently been concluded successfully.

The event was organized by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), which was attended by 40 participants across the country representing technical community, public officers, academia and businesses.

This core objective behind this training workshop was to provide a capacity building opportunity to local community members. It is noteworthy that this was first such workshop hosted in Islamabad and facilitated by APNIC.

During the workshop, the structures, processes, procedures, and policies involved in requesting, allocating, and managing Internet addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) and Autonomous System (AS) numbers from APNIC were presented. The course also included aspects of the APNIC Whois Database, Reverse DNS delegations, and MyAPNIC address management tool, says a press release issued here.

The training also covered concepts of DNS, its security mechanisms along with the deployment of DNSSEC with demonstrations.

The course also provided an understanding and hands-on exposure to IPv6, its structure, operation, and technical features. The IPv6 architecture was also discussed in detail, and the issues related to the deployment, transition and co-existence with IPv4 were examined.

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