STAFF REPORT IBD: Local cellular companies have now collectively written a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan to explain their viewpoint and seek his support in getting rid of National Accountability Bureau enquiry in what the NAB says the tax evasion amounting to Rs 47 billion.

The cell companies say that they have earned this amount through interconnection charges collected from mobile phone customers.

These companies have offered the government to waive the tax till now and get tax deducted on interconnection charges. However, according to sources, the request has been turned down by the authorities.

“We are the largest tax collecting and paying sector at the moment in the ocuntry. The total contribution of the telecom sector to national exchequer for finance year 2011-12 was in excess of Rs 120 billion,” the letter explained adding this is in addition to billions paid as other fees and levies to the federal and provincial governments and their concerned authorities.

They also requested for the gazette notification of the referred SRO issued by FBR on June 30.

However, if that SRO is not formally notified, then it should continue as it is. Accordingly, suitable amendments in relevant laws also should be made, if deemed necessary, the letter said.

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