STAFF REPORT KHI: former federal minister for science and technology, Dr Attaur Rehman, has said that under a wishful plan the higher education system is getting deteriorated at the hands of corrupt politicians which would cost the nation dearly.

He expressed these remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of the leadership conference recently organised by the Youth Parliament.

“This wishful plan has been conceived by 51 parliamentarians with fake degrees and 250 of their colleagues in order to escape accountability,” he claimed.

According to him, with the initiatives taken by the HEC a couple of year back, Pakistan was poised to make a major breakthrough and evolve into a knowledge economy from an agricultural economy.” He, however, lamented that an official notification was issued on November 30, 2010 to fragment the HEC and break it into pieces.

“The government also slashed the HECs budget by 50 per cent and a number of development programmes in universities have come to a halt,” he said.

He mentioned that around 11,000 scholarships were awarded to students to study abroad at mostly European universities.

He said that the worlds largest Fulbright scholarship programme was initiated, with a research grant worth $100,000 dollars and a job arranged for the recipient a year prior to returning to Pakistan.

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