Pak-China natural history museums ink coop deal

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), a subsidiary of Pakistan Science Foundation, and Beijing Museum of Natural History (BMNH) have signed an MoU for cooperation in the areas of natural history.

According to a press release, the MoU has been signed in Beijing during the recent visit of PMNH DG Dr. S. Azhar Hasan and Senior Operational Manager Muhammad Akhtar Javeds to the Beijing Museum of Natural History.

Purpose of their visit to China was to find out the areas of cooperation between the two Museums.

The areas of cooperation covered under the MoU will include joint scientific research activities, exchange of researchers, students, scientific publications and collection of specimens, reciprocal information and cooperation in exhibition.

This interaction between the two museums will greatly help in up-gradation of research and public education standard. The delegation also visited several other museums in Beijing.

PMNH Director General Dr. Syed Azhar Hasan said that under the MoU PMNH will arrange an exhibition of Pakistans endemic species in China this year and later on Beijing Museum will arrange a similar exhibition in Pakistan.

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