STAFF REPORT IBD: The number of broadband subscribers have reached two million mark mainly due to the increasing popularity of DSL, EvDo and Wimax connections in the network available cities, reveals the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

It said that the DSL connections have surged to 849,228 followed by Wimax and EvDo with 575,572 and 537,908 connections by the month of April.

The internet subscribers using FTTH technology has been increasing to reach 8,052 whereas HFC internet users have been seen slight decline reaching the figure of 35,993.

The number of internet users would further increase in coming months as operators continue to explore untapped urban market at affordable rates as result of competition. The internet users are on the rise in commercial and domestic sector mainly for the purpose of information and entertainment.

Industry gurus say that the growth of internet subscription has seen a slow down as the government imposed ban on indecent website since 2011.

Besides, the commercial sector particularly SMEs are also getting high speed connections though the quality of services need improvement.

The traffic of the internet posted decline of 30 percent on the network of different internet companies however it recovered towards normalcy in the past few months.

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