STAFF REPORT KHI: The supply of natural gas would improve as most recently around 70mmcfd gas has been added to the system of Sui-Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGP) from restoration of gas supply from Manzalai gasfield after the completion of the Annual Turn-Around (ATA) of the field.

It is to be mentioned here that the gas field was suspended for as many as 12 days in the month of July. Prime Minister has directed to allocate 40 mmcfd of the restored gas to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to enhance power production in the country.

MOL Pakistan is the operator of the Manzalai field located in Tal Block in Karak and Hangu districts in KPK.

MOLs total gas production capacity is 340 mmcfd where, other joint venture partners are OGDCL with 30 per cent interest, PPL with 30 per cent interest and the Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL) having five per cent working interest in the field.

Experts say that this gas supply restoration would improve gas supply in the country, but even then the fertilizer plants may still remain deprived of the agreed gas supply.

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