STAFF REPORT IBD: National Assemblys Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) directed the IT Ministry to submit an inquiry report on the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) project within 15 days, which is causing a huge loss to the national exchequer.
The meeting, chaired Barjees Tahir, discussed the NTC Project for Establishment of Optical Fibre based transmission link between Keti Bandar to Jiwani along costal highways.
The committee expressed serious annoyance over the issue and pointed out that the project was initiated in 2002, which could not be finalised and causing approximately $8 million loss annually to the national exchequer.
The committee concluded that the IT Ministry had failed to fix responsibility despite a lapse of nine years and directed that the ministry should finalise its inquiry report on the said issue at the earliest and submit it to the committee. The chairman said the ministry should fix the responsibility and the committee will send the report to National Accountability Bureau for future line of action.
The committee was informed that the project was due to complete in one year, however, Rs 37 million amount was spent on the project but it is yet to be completed.
The committee also expressed dissatisfaction over non-appointment of head of NTC and running it on ad hoc basis.

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