Daylight saving: Technology or policy

Excessive usage of mobile phone keeps people motivated to wake up late night until morning to avail free calling packages for chit chat with friends of other gender. It also contributes in increase in demand for electricity to be used at night thus not waking up early to utilize day light at morning prayer for working, finishing homework, going to office

DESPITE THE management of the “Nature” in favour of humanity, the agents working against the policies of God for the own financial sake for their kids a families and not doing foresight regarding the impacts on generations of the next generations, will worsen the whole future scenario. A person who loves economy emphasizes only on money matters ignoring the interests of nature and mortality lovers. Do the bulb seller likes the usage of bulbs going down thus increasing the probability that the bulbs will be used little increasing the life which results in bulb-biz going down? Will the manufacturers not rise against such an activity, overtly or covertly, which is harming their profit margin? May we save the electricity through strict policies; the business men will remain quiet for a policy of closing their businesses at 8 oclock? the above mentioned are some of the questions which arise when we think about exploiting the blessings of the nature for sustainable development through self disciplining our lives.

Often, nature lovers present the technology as anti-nature. Some only present it as part of nature but its usage demarks its role as pro-nature or against it. Some are there protesting that its usage should always be limited to some extent. It may be licensed properly for avoiding misuse. It may only be allowed in cases where it is not abused or wasted. We have concepts that it should be organized in a way that its usage may be dependent on individuals decision with check and balance from the society and judiciary of that locality. This has been observed in saving the electricity (e) at night strongly opposed by the persons doing business at night in the popular markets. Though it has been implemented in tech-developed countries but socially and morally developed nations are yet to reach a point where consensus among all the stakeholders may be reached to implement this policy of saving day light and ending biz at night earlier to save the e-resource.

The policy was denounced even after the approval of all the governing bodies. We have seen many strange policies being implemented but many policies which are good for socio-economic well being are often observed to fail in getting implemented. We despite being a noble religion and our true leaders despite being respected all over the world for their wisdom, universal leadership, honesty, generosity, vision etc. are still behaving like kids.

It sounds almost impossible to wake up early in the morning and reach the office in time. Even for decision makers, despite waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning, its like a routine to reach the office at 9 or 10 am. The credit of being late in such cases may go to electricity as the air conditioner gives the comfort to sleep more and more with the opaque curtains providing you a night-like environment. Technology has made us real Luke Worms or Parasites. We are dependent on it as it has been researched that in Norway, more than 85 percent of teens and young adults report sending short messages on a daily basis with 92 percent viewing a message as soon as they receive. This may be the future for developing countries. But good sign is even an open minded female faculty member at NUST complained about the abuse of mobile. The mobile is motivating them to wake up late night until morning to avail free calling packages for chit chat with friends of other gender. It is also contributing in increase in demand of the electricity to be used at night thus not waking up early to utilize day light at Morning Prayer for working, finishing home work, going to office.

Government may come up with the policy to save day light in this way if the other one is not accepted by the biz-community of a nation. Why not emphasize on a policy to start the office at 6 with schools at 5 with kids having activity in the cool dawns and back home by noon when its like a hot-pot. Nature has given us all we need to be happy, healthy and harmonious but we have polluted our environment, habits and behaviours.

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