STAFF REPORT IBD: The climate change is badly impacting the agriculture in terms of reduction in per acre yield that needs to corrective measures for its revival as well as boost knowledge to ensure food security in the country.

These remarks were expressed speakers at a recently held seminar by Damaan, an NGO, in collaboration with the Sustainable Agriculture Action Group (SAAG), ActionAid, and Sungi Development Foundation to explore different models of sustainable agriculture, small farmers and food security.

Mehnaz Ajmal Paracha from Oxfam Novib, while highlighting the plight of the small farmers, said that the present agriculture system is creating inequality and food insecurity. She said 40 per cent of Pakistanis are food insecure and small farmers have no say in decision making.

Taking a more holistic view, Damaan Project Manager Shoaib Aziz said that increasing population and decreasing resources may pose threats to future generations and stressed the need for setting up market infrastructure for the promotion of organic produce.

Expert on framing, Khadim Hussain, said that corporate agriculture farming was posing big threat since multinational companies are grabbing land and promoting mono-cropping culture. He said NGOS were striving hard for awareness creation and promotion of sustainable agriculture.`

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