STAFF REPORT ISB: Intel has launched a brand new sensation calling the All-in-One PC to serve as a cool centerpiece for your home or office.

Looking into some of the features offered by this All-in-One PC, one can see what makes it a thrilling sensation in the world of computing and technology, said an official of the company.

He said that the All-in-One PC comes with an all-in-one combined processor and monitor, merging both into one slim, lightweight system, which sets this new PC apart from the standard desktop, consolidating the computer and monitor altogether into a single space-saving device.

All-in-One desktops offer a single plug-and-play cord, dissimilar to those of the traditional desktop that would require you to rummage through an interwoven jungle of power cords and wires, and thus, making it the perfect PC for any room in the house, or in the workplace.

Additional features include a built-in wireless adapter to connect to Wi-Fi networks, built-in speakers, and also a built-in camera and microphone for web conferences and having online face to face conversations.

The addition of a wireless keyboard and mouse allows for a truly comfortable and tangle free environment.

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