By M. Laraib Khan

Introduction: Since the creation of human beings, man is always interested in facilitating his self to the growing age, for this purpose he has created many useful tools like computers, mobile phones and satellite communication etc.

Invention of computer is simply the most spectacular revolution of human history. At present computers are used in every field of life. So the people want to modernize their way of living. So, in order to achieve this goal they are looking for such devices that are not portable only, but are faster in processing and calculations.

After lot of stiff work and efforts engineers have restructured computers into generation 5 computers. On the one hand these are smaller in size and faster in processing/calculation.
These are portable as well as easily manipulated.

  • Spider computer, a technology which have such a havoc features is a pretty cool example of portable computers.

Application of Holographic Display: Holographic is the art of portraying any specific image or documents in 3D. This technology has revolutionized the thinking of humans. This device (Spider Computer) emerges as a PC replacement by using a Holographic display.

Spider Computer: Sadly its just a dummy prototype, but Ericson Company has been working on this device. Ericson has been demonstrating the new spider computer concept design for the year 2020 at the Taiwan Broadband show. Can you imagine that it has a built-in Pico projector which produce 30 inch screen image. This prototype has a memory card reader. Spider computer really make us feel that we are living on the era of technology.
It has a Tripod design that makes it look like a spider and incorporates the whole PC. It is a portable device that depends on a projected screen and laser keyboard which offers us a ready computer on the go.
Why it is called spider Computer? Because their picture demonstrate the resemblance with the spider legs.

Working: When the legs are hidden, the device will be used as a Mobile phone and this prototype is small enough to carry in our pocket.

When the legs extend, the device can easily be placed on a flat/smooth surface that can be used as a Computer.

When we want to use this portable device as a computer, the mirror head of this device will open, and the projector light will be directed towards the surface of the table.
Digital correction compensates for angular differences in projection versus surface for example if there is a lack of space on table it would automatically squeeze and adjust to it. Circular LCD display with graphic interface. A Laser technology has used for projecting the keyboard. Working prototype was made for technology, user studies and researches.


  1. A portable device that is easy to carry and also light in weight.
  2. It works like a Computer as well as Mobile phone because we can easily receive and make calls.
  3. It is used in technologies, studies and researches.


  1. Laser keyboard have really never been best for typing. It gets painful after a while and it seems like someone is slapping your fingers hardly.
  2. While using the laser keyboard you will explicitly notice a reduction in your typing speed.
  3. Their projection which produce 30 inch screen image cannot be used personally in public places.

Spider Computer is a technology that is based on the Holographic display. This technology will be launched on year 2020. It is a portable device which is very smaller in size and light in weight. It works as a computer as well as Mobile phone where we make and attend call. This technology will be used in studies and researches.

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