By Sidrah Zaheer via The Pakistani Spectator

SOCIAL MEDIA has many forms such as weblogs, blogs, social networks, internet forums, podcasts, etc. In this post-modern age, social media has become one of the most basic and essential communication tools for an advance community. It provides social interaction in a fast paced and accessible manner which adds fun to mans social connectivity. Social media has revolutionised the information world for good as it holds a unique position unlike its predecessors, such as newspapers, radio, and television, which are red tapped and complex rather than interactive and simple. Unlike the print media which need initial resources to start publication, social media publication does not require all this time and tiredness.

Despite both being media of large communication, the social media holds advantage over the traditional industrial media as even individuals with smaller means can start in this business without a hitch. The social media being available at ones disposal to spread the word one believes in without having to answer anyone high up. The social media are more accurate as once the information goes out it can be corrected unlike that which has been printed in a newspaper or a magazine once cannot be corrected.
Even the industrial media has joined social media by using social networking and blogging to their advantage of promotion and better interaction. The success stories of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are highly irresistible for an aspiring social media entrepreneur. With all the major and minor news corporations around the world going online either by creating their profiles and accounts on such sites as Facebook and Twitter or definitely having their own websites for an internet edition.
As marketing value has increased through an effective use of social media, it is a tool for optimisation and positive utility. Honesty in this is of an elementary nature as customer satisfaction is hard to achieve no matter what the stakes are on the part of the service providers. So social media marketing has dedication and deliverance as its pre-requisites.
The user-generated content on the websites such as Wikipedia, Ezine Articles, Yahoo! Answers tend to give users an authority of information and influence. That is why there is a need of a planned social media strategy for gaining trust of readers, buyers and those who look up to these sources for their everyday information. Through a blog or a personal website, one can make people notice and even follow those things that one believes should matter. Famous examples include that of Ramon Stoppelenburg and Julie Powell. This is one of the most effective ways to use platform of social media and to know a story from another perspective.
Blogging has created tremendous amount of awareness which one can raise regarding issues one cares most about and gather like-minded people with no boundaries of caste, creed or culture. This heterogeneous connectivity through social networking websites is not merely virtual, as results can be seen on the ground through effective changes taking place for some better hope of tomorrow. People are connecting through it and developing a bridge that eases understandings.
With new developments taking place to every story in the news, it is important to remain constantly updated about latest changes that occur in current events. There is no more need to wait for the next days newspaper or waiting for the hour to strike for the 9 oclock news on television. There is so much that social media offers to the seekers of updates and that too in a quick time. Through social media, one has an advantage of choosing what to read and following-up in detail, as against what is being fed on television channels or printed in newspapers. The freedom not only to express oneself, but also the freedom to choose makes it all the more attractive.

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