PAKISTAN is a country which is counted among the 10 countries having the largest population. However, it is not something to be proud of because as population keeps increasing, so does our illiteracy rate.
The Pakistan government cuts the education budget and spends it on defence and luxuries for bureaucrats.
Sadly, the budget for education never goes above 3.5 per cent, which is pathetic.
Pakistans annual growth rate is only 2.4 per cent because of the low literacy rate. Since most of the population is not educated, they, therefore, do not have any jobs, as a result the growth rate is less and the dependency rate is high.
In Pakistan, the majority of women remains uneducated because of it being a patriarchal society where the male dominates the family and makes all the rules and regulations.
I request NGOs and the government to work towards education so that the literacy rate should increase many times over and Pakistan can achieve good economic growth and compete in the world.
I also request families to encourage their daughters to pursue education as much as possible boost the countrys literacy rate.
Shahzad Nisar Shaikh

By Web Team

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