By Muhammad Ziad
PULL UP your socks for another vital problem which cannot be considered as a major one but it is…………….!
Social change is the transformation of culture and social organization/structure over time. In the modern world we are aware that society is never static and that social, political, economic and cultural changes occur constantly. These changes are regularly affecting not only the human life but also greatly affecting the wildlife species and these changes either cause to migrate the species or cause them to extinct.
It has probably been the experience of most who have undertaken a voyage of people, to have observed people migrating from city to city and country to country due to push and pull factors. It is not a problem but the need of the time.
Animals migration is among the worlds most visible and inspiring natural phenomena but the migration of animals is imposed by men; it can be considered a most vulnerable problem.
Generally animals migration can occur in a particular period of the lifecycle. Some insects migrate for their reproduction and mating process during their lifecycle. Some animals reproduce only in particular habitat, such as sea turtle, seabirds. Deteriorated environmental conditions force the animals to leave the area, some move by the unattractive food supply, especially in frosty months. Stimulation of hormonal and behavioral changes those results in migration. Seasonal changes in day length ultimately cause of migration of birds.
The infringement of men brings a lot of changes; sometimes these changes are positive and sometimes these are very corrosive in nature which ultimately cause of immense difficulty. The destruction of habitat of different species for their own gain; this occurs sometimes not deliberately but the animals are disturbed by this. Even some lose their life and some are dispersed for new life, or in the quest of life.
The habitats of these kinds of species are changed due to social changes occurring frequently. These changes not only disturb the habitats of species but also reduce and damage the aesthetic beauty of the ecosystems and in fact the whole environment. We can no more hear the voice of birds, nor the beautiful colours of butterflies are seen ever, the jumping of hopper in the grass, the net of spider is not found for ever. Because these all are discrete where there is not found.
Does anyone think for these small creature; does anyone make another home for these small creatures; no and never because they cannot converse their feelings, neither have their government, nor they have any other option.
We should not think like this that these tiny creatures are not of immense value for us or our lifes infrastructure.
In the end, the home of beautiful, feeling less, nonverbal creature is destroyed due to mass interruption and their welfare, no one thinks about the bleeding structure of biodiversity.

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