STAFF REPORT KHI: PTCL is playing a leading role in the provision of quality and affordable ICT services to the people of Pakistan, said Dr Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General of the UN Agency International Telecom Union (ITU) on his recent visit to PTCL Network Operation Centre.
On the occasion, PTCL President and CEO, Walid Irshaid, apprised him about the PTCLs state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre, the countrys largest telecom companys network operations.
The Secretary General pointed out at the importance of the Broadband as it has created a revolution in the field of communication. He said that ITU is very keen to lay out its broadband master plan before 2015, which is the deadline to achieve MDGs.
He said that broadband infrastructure is very important so that applications like e-Health and e-Education services may start for the citizens and there should not be a broadband divide in the society.
In order to assist Pakistan, ITU will share case studies of different countries with Pakistan. The Secretary General stressed that the member states should not make any mistakes made by others countries. The prices should not be higher for the consumers. The government needs to think of providing e-services to the citizens as a first kick of the ball after that private sector will join the cause.

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