This refers to the letters appearing in a section of the press regarding the Diamer Basha Dam Project.
In view of the increasing needs of water and electricity in the country, Wapda is implementing a number of projects in the two sectors on priority, including the Diamer Basha Dam.
This dam is a multipurpose project, which aims at storing water for agriculture, providing low-cost hydel electricity and mitigating floods. The project, on completion, will store 8.1 million acre feet of water and generate 4,500 megawatt of electricity, contributing more than 19 billion units per annum to the national grid. The project will also have cascading effect on the existing as well as upcoming hydropower projects in the downstream area. In addition, the dam will also enhance the life of Tarbela Dam by 35 years.
It is pertinent to mention that work on the Diamer Basha Dam Project has commenced for all practical purposes. Besides initiating land acquisition for the project, as many as 13 contracts have been awarded for the construction of Wapda offices and colonies, contractors camp and road and allied structures in the dam area. However, work on the main dam will start after international competitive bidding.
As all the dams have their own dynamics, it does not seem appropriate to compare one with the other. Most importantly, Pakistan requires dams for socio-economic development, and Diamer Basha has been taken up with the approval of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) for the purpose. In addition to its various ongoing projects, Wapda will take up other projects with the approval of the government.
Muhammad Abid,
Director Public Relations,

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