STAFF REPORT LHR: Being one of the most active, happening and aware brand – Glow by Warid continues supporting young leaders. This time, it was the Media Fest event of Kinnaird College for women, which was presented by Glow. It was aimed at helping media students unleash their talent and expose their inner journalistic skills. KMS (Kinnaird Media Society), the colleges Mass Communication Department, organized this festival in which over 550 KC students participated in four competitions including “Reporting LIVE From Kinnaird”, “News Bulletin Competition”, “Photo Essay Competition”, “The Round Table Talk Show” and short film competition.
The day one started with Reporting Live from Kinnaird contest in which participants presented videos which was a coverage of staged acts by media studies students.
Photo Essay Competition was held on the day in which various teams presented a sequence of photographs to narrate a story on their chosen topics. Head of Media Studies Department Shazia Saeed presented Media Fest Glow shields to the judges as a token of gratitude.
Collectively outstanding efforts were made by each participant and students genuinely put their hearts in all what they presented in these competitions, especially highlighting the social issues of the society. Glow by Warid always recognizes the potential and provides platform and means to the youngsters of our nation to show their talents.

By Web Team

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