STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recorded a hat trick on the 100 index of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) by remaining market leader in terms of shares trading volume on three consecutive days of the present week.
PTCLs shares value was also seen increasing as investors have been buying its shares like hot dogs in the equity market in the hope to get maximum dividends expected to be announced soon.
In the first three days, traded shares from PTCL stood from 31.29 million to 47.2 million. Last weekly day from past week had also marked PTCL as market leader – 51.65 million shares were traded then.
Analysts believe that investors are heavily buying PTCLs shares owing to the expected formation of International Clearing House by LDI operators, in which the international incoming calls traffic will be increased on legal channels while blocking the grey traffic at maximum level on the other hand.
PTCL having lion share in the international traffic revenues will become the ultimate beneficiary of the filter system, that will enhance its profitability if plan is implemented as scheduled in near future, analysts said.

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