STAFF REPORT IBD:The Indian authorities have offered Pakistani to import 500 megawatts (MW) electricity from Amritsar to Lahore at the rate of Rs 16 per kilowatt during the recently held neighbourly meetings, while hydel power electricity can be generated locally at the rate of Rs 6 per kilowatt, showing a difference of Rs 10 per kilowatt.
The federal government has been purchasing hydel electric power on an average rate of Rs 1.50, thermal from independent power producers (IPPs) at the rate of Rs 17, alternative energy through wind resources up to Rs 19 to 22 per unit, while private sector involved in micro hydle power projects has been offering power tariff up to Rs 6 per unit.
However, the public sector is not willing to purchase up to 50 MW hydel power from the private sector due to which more than 45 small hydropower projects ready to be implemented and having accumulated power generation capacity of 3,000 MW have been out into hot waters.
The sources said that more than 45 micro hydel power projects having accumulated capacity of 3,000 MW couldnt be executed because of non-availability of public sector power purchasers including CPPA, which is also not ready to purchase hydropower from private sector.
Currently, Pakistan has been facing a treacherous energy crisis, where public sector power generation companies as well as IPPs involved in thermal power generation could not minimise the visible demand and supply gap.
Hydro Electric Power Association (HEPA) President Zulfiqar Abbasi said that the Energy Policy 1995, more transparent and proven as investor-friendly, was opposed and denied by the previous government and another policy was introduced in year 2002.

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