STAFF REPORT IBD: The Technology for People (TPI) is a new initiative at LUMS, funded by Google Inc. and is dedicated to using technology to create solutions relevant to the socio-economic context of Pakistan, and will focus on leveraging technology in the domains of public policy and governance.
“The initiative is multi-disciplinary in nature, will bring together resources from multiple departments and partners to create comprehensive and deployable solutions,” said an official of the university.
LUMS already has a portfolio of independent RandD projects of practical significance, in partnership with a number of government departments.
“The goal of this initiative is to bring these activities on a single platform, to leverage their synergies for multiplier effects, and to initiate new projects in this domain,” the official said.
The TPI will provide focus to our desire to leverage the knowledge base and intellectual resources available at LUMS for the practical benefit to the people of Pakistan.
TPI is also part of a larger LUMS initiative on Internet and the Society, which aims to encourage activities and research across the university for better utilization of cyberspace for the countrys development.

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