STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), since its establishment in 1981, has undertaken a large number of research and technology development activities with a high degree of success.
“In order to accelerate agriculture growth through science based solutions, PARC has proposed a portfolio for NARS, build around priority research areas,” said Sardar Ghulam Mustafa, Director, Public Relations and Protocol, PARC, in a statement.
He further said that the scope of the project contains to initiate research on priority areas identified under 22 themes, to address emerging issues of agricultural development, strengthen the research infrastructure through supply of needed lab, improvement of office, glass house, office buildings, and replacement of obsolete transport fleet.
Mustafa said that the size of project with a programme approach is the first of its kind which requires committed efforts of PARC scientists and research managers to implement a large number of research activities under 22 priority research themes.
While speaking on the main objectives o the RADP, he informed that timely response to emerging and re-emerging research issues and problems; provide autonomy PARC to prioritize and implement its research agenda.

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