STAFF REPORT LHR: In the wake of shortage of non-availability of cattle head in the country, the government needs to abolish the current meat holidays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
“When we can meet our demand there is no more need for any meat holidays in the country,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO) Dr Hamid Jalil, in an interview.
He emphasized that we are in a position to develop and promote meat industry and facilitate customers to ensure fresh and healthy meat if government were to abolish such kind of obstacles. He said due to meat holidays, PAMCO was being forced to close down its Lahore Meat Complex on Mondays and Tuesdays.
He said that there is no cold chain available, while the energy shortage is another main problem for promoting the frozen industry in Pakistan. He explained that minus 20 centigrade temperature is necessary for storing the frozen meat, while it could also preserve at retailer shops at minus temperature but it was not possible due to unscheduled power outages.
“PAMCO is now in a position to offer modern frozen system under which 25 ton meat could blast at minus 40 centigrade temperature and we have also 180 ton cold storage facilities,” he said.

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