According to reports, the petroleum policy 2012 has been formulated and is now going through approval by stakeholders and other processes. Such policy being framed on a yearly basis should, in fact, be ready in all respects and announced in December every year.
It should be done to give all interested parties ample time to go through its provisions and submit their proposals for petrol and gas exploration in Pakistan according to their guidelines provided therein.
Such delays should be avoided in future in order to make it really a yearly affair so that new explorations of petrol and gas could be undertaken at the earliest. Petrol, diesel and CNG consumption is rapidly increasing and so is the POL import bill as not much oil products are being produced within the country. Shortage of POL products somehow leads to frequent increases in their prices as more and more petrol and diesel are to be imported for meeting ever-growing domestic requirements.
Recently a Lahore-based concern submitted comprehensive proposals and suggestions to the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding fuel saving measures and also providing details about some equipment which, according to the manufacturers and the suppliers, gives up to 25 per cent in fuel saving without compromising on travelling distances.
The ministry could well utilise such proposals and suggestions and incorporate the same in the fuel policy if this is going to be framed shortly. Such a fuel policy is urgently needed.
Khalid I. Khan@Lahor

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