STAFF REPORT IBD: The 27th Multi-Topic Symposium organised by Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has recently concluded highlighting the needs for renewable energy in order to overcome the persistent energy crisis in Pakistan.
Tahir Saleem, Chairman IEEEP Karachi centre, briefed the audience about the recommendations given in the past based on the proceedings of these symposiums. He was of the opinion that government should pay heed to these recommendations and IEEEP members are ready to offer all help to government in overcoming the present power crisis which threatens the economy of the country.
Adrian Wood, Regional Director Reneawble Energy Division for Siemens in the Middle East, presented various models for alternate energy. He said alternate energy like solar and wind has become more feasible due to soaring prices of oil.
He advised the planners not to be too ambitious as in some countries the planners became too ambitious and announced large projects with unrealistic deadlines.
About Pakistan, he said that it is plenty of sunshine and in some areas also good wind so it can consider these alternates and go for mixed solutions. He said Pakistan should start with a small project and a realistic deadline so that it can starty its journey towards renewables with confidence and success.

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