STAFF REPORT IBD: Zong widened its subscribers base during the year 2011. The telecom company contributed immensely to the overall growth of the industry as more than 50 per cent of the total number of net addition to the subscribers base in 2011 belonged to Zong.
To celebrate this accomplishment, Zong has decided to share its success with stakeholders by rewarding them through one of its schemes named Wheel for all 2011.
“Zong is now awarding 150 franchisees for achieving the sales targets with Suzuki cars,” said Director Marketing Usman Ishaq told the media.
He said that in the history of Pakistan, this is the first time that a company has decided to honour every accomplishing franchisee by giving away rewards of such huge amount.
According to data, the company added 10 million users to its subscribers base. Also, Pakistans telecom industry witnessed a huge number of subscribers migrating from one network to another. A total number of 5.6 million mobile users used the Mobility Network Portability (MNP) service to shift to their preferred service provider.
Usman attributed this achievement largely to the sales team of the telecom company who has been working closely with 273 franchises. Out of these, 150 franchises were able to achieve their sales target.

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