STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Centre for Physics has an excellent potential to collaborate with Italy in the field of scientific development. Italy has a deep-rooted relationship with Pakistan.
This was stated by Professor Joseph Nimela from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) while addressing 4rth International Scientific Spring at the NCP last week.
“ICTP has contributed over last 46 years to fostering scientific research in developing countries throughout the world. It is increasingly looking outward, planning to expand its role further in the opening of affiliated centres in different parts of the world,” DG NCP Dr. Hamid Saleem said on the occasion.
More than 25 scientists from different universities of China, Greece, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Turkey, Japan, Italy, Bangladesh and Bulgaria has participated in the event and presented their research papers. The activity focused on the core areas of Physics and its related fields like Synchrotron Radiations and Ion Beam Applications, Particle Physics, Nanosciences, Plasma Physics and Astrophysics.
Dr. Hamid also said that the NCP-ICTP collaboration will strengthen in the years to come and prove fruitful for the development of science and technology in the region.

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