STAFF REPORT IBD: The Board of Directors of USF has approved setting up of IT centres at each Union Council level, fully equipped with latest technology, ensuring the efficient and effective connectivity both domestic and overseas to the people of the region.
The Board meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani here last week.
The meeting was informed that so far 994 IT centres at union council levels have been set up with the direction that process should be accelerated in providing state-of-the-art ICT services in underserved and unserved areas under the mandate of USF.
Futuristic approvals were accorded by the Board which include project to connect un-served tehsils with Optic Fiber Cable in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also the launch of enhanced Universal Tele centres project.
The meeting was apprised that In Rural Telecom Programme USF has provided basic telephony and data services in more than 3,600 muzas.
In Optic Fiber Programme, more than 4,100 kms of optic fiber cable has been laid to connect 58 un-served tehsils and towns including Initiatives like establishing telemedicine networks have also been taken to provide better health-care facilities through ICTs.

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