STAFF REPORT IBD: Developing countries cannot make any significant progress unless they incorporate science and technology in their economic planning.
“We are fully aware of the fact that COMSATS member states have several common socio-economic problems and most of these problems cannot be solved unless we break the barriers of isolation in science and technology,” Federal Minister for Science and technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali said this while addressing the Ambassadors of COMSATS member states.
He lauded the initiatives taken by COMSATS to launch international thematic Research Groups, whereby technological resources by the interacted research and developments centres are pooled to undertake research on specific topics which are most relevant for socio-economic development.
The minister stressed the role of organizations like COMSATS for the achievement of these objectives.
On the occasion, it was explained that the capacity building in science and technology is going to acquire increasing importance in future and stressed the hope that Pakistan would be witnessing the rise of south from the continents of Latin America, Africa, and Asia wherein Brazil, South Africa and China are attaining new heights in power and prosperity.
The meeting was held in connection with the forthcoming COMSATS Commissions two-day meeting scheduled to be held on April 16 in Islamabad.

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