In the country where the literacy rate is below any respectable threshold, there is no wonder that the sole Nobel laureate is not cherished and celebrated.
But do you know that Dr. Abdus Salam still loves Pakistan and how decent and humble person he is? My father has the honour of exchanging few emails with the great man and I have also searched the Internet for his works and have read few of them, and boy, sheer brilliance is what you would call that and even beyond that.
Our Pakistan produced a gem of a human who is a sublime scientist, teacher, manager, entrepreneur, and a writer and much more. In the name of religion, we not only ignored him, we didnt own him either. What a pity, what a loss and what a criminal narrow mindedness.
I ask you a question. Will we ever see any Nobel winner again in Pakistan? Given the educational standards here and the encouragement for such achievement, is that possible at all in future? And oh! what if someone again with so-called unacceptable religious credentials win Nobel prize again from here, would we accept that person?
Zeenat Rehman @ The Pakistani Spectator

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