STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan needs to address environmental issues seriously as this critical issue is contributing towards degrading environment in the country, a panel experts highlighted remarked during a discussion on the issue. They recommended the use of biodegradable bags which are now being made in Pakistan.
The event was organised by Pakistan Council for Science and Technology under the Pakistan Technology Boards Technology Foresight Project.
The panel, headed by NUST, discussed environmental issues including solid waste management, industrial pollution, food chain contamination, biodiversity, forestation and urbanisation.
There is a need to create awareness about environmental issues among the masses, the experts said. Likewise, political parties also need to be sensitised about the environmental hazards to society and the globe and the parties should have a common agenda on the environment.
The participants pointed out that certain industries in Islamabad have introduced anti-pollution devices which are believed to significantly reduce pollution.
They also stressed the need for making better laws for environment conservation, saying that strict standards and quality control should be insured for food items.

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