STAFF REPORT IBD: After Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal now another Pakistani wonder boy has bent description after making Microsoft and Google certified seven computer operating systems in suburb of Abbottabad.
This 14-year student, Sikandar Mehmood Baloch, has not only converted into certified expert of 107 computer engineering languages, but also received all valuable certificates of his achievements from the Microsoft and performed work for the Google.
He received further 25 certificates as an acknowledgement of his unique work performed for Google the largest search engine in the world.
Sikandar Mehmood is studying in 9th grade in a local school and has made many Linux Systems (From VVS1 to VVS7) and developed an indigenous anti-virus system as well.
He made world record at the age of nine after making his first operating system. He works with many web sites.

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