STAFF REPORT IBD: The auction of four new licences for 3G/4G technology along with remaining privatization amount of PTCL will surly attract one-and-a-half billion foreign direct investment (FDI) by end of the ongoing financial year.
The auction,set to be held for 3G/4G licences on March 28-29 separately for spectrum of 800MHz and 1900-2100 MHZ for period of eight and 15 years respectively, with expectation that participation will maximum in numbers by existing and new foreign and local players.
The licence fee will be determined equally for three spectrum of 1900/2100 MHz, that is the highest, will be paid by winning bidders. The licence shall be awarded after payment of 100 per cent of the auction winning price within sixty 60 working days from the date it is offered to the bidder, said an official of the telecom authority.
He also said that the Ministry of Finance had held a meeting with official of Etisalat for obtaining $800 million, which was pledged to be paid before end the of the current financial year 2011-12.
The federal government has transferred 90 per cent of the properties to the PTCLs controlling management whereas it fulfilled its commitment not to give new working licence to any operator under agreed condition of privatization.

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