STAFF REPORT IBD: A three-day national science conference has recently been held in Islamabad by the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) and hosted by PMAS-Arid Agriculture University.

Addressing the conference, Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, said that good governance and trained human resource is the only solution to economic problems of Pakistan. “Our skilled young generation with very high motives can solve problems and will enable us to overcome poverty in the country.”

In last decade Pakistans leap in the field of science education was internationally recognised and now India is replicating Pakistans higher education model, he said.

Earlier, Vice President PAS Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood Khan, welcomed 500 delegates, who were experts in the fields of agriculture, veterinary sciences, medicines, engineering, earth and space science and computing technology.

He informed the participants that PAS has decided to provide its platform for annual science conference where all the stakeholders can interact to formulate policies and set goals for a prosperous Pakistan.

During the conference, as many as 250 renowned scientists presented their research work in oral presentations.

It is to be mentioned here that Pakistan has started exporting software to Europe and America while in the coming five years the country is going to join the giants of commuting industry for software development.

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