STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has a plan to invest Rs. 100 billion in the country during the next five years.

“The source of funding can be debt to equity combination, while the investment will be focused on variety of areas with in the company including expansion,” PTCL CEO and President Walid Irshaid told the media.

PTCL has plans to stretch its broadband services to 5 million users with minimum, guaranteed 10MB bandwidth for each user. “Youll be surprised to know that folks in rural areas, who have bare access to basic facilities, are savvy internet users”, commented Irshaid.

Talking about taxes on telecom sector, he said that its not the tax which bothers him the most – its the power outages that present the real challenge to PTCL more than anything else. “Running our operations for eighteen hours a day on fuel oil is a logistical and security nightmare,” he said.

In response to a question about InstaPhones licence, Irshaid said that this is not conducive to the operators and the country to have another active MNO. He opined that one of existing operators can buy this licence to have additional spectrum, or all existing operators can collectively buy the licence to prevent further bleeding.

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