STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) is providing nutritional evaluation and nutritional quality improvement for different food products under several research projects and assignment.

PSF has been successful in establishing strong and sustainable industrial linkage between Food and Biotechnology Research Centre (FBRC), PCSIR Labs. ComplexLahoreand Bunny’s (Pvt) Ltd,Lahore. After completing the project, FBRC is engaged in continuous activity of process development and quality improvement of different products like Chicken Paratha and Whole Wheat Paratha.

“Some projects of national and economic importance initiated under Research and Development (RandD) Industry Programme have been successfully completed during recent years,” PSF spokesperson, Rehana Batool, told the media.

She said that PSF also sponsored a project entitled “Establishment of Pilot Green Tea Processing Plant” at total cost Rs. 2.625 million in National Tea Research Institute at Shinkiari, District Mansehra.

Besides this, she said that the project entitled, “Disbandment of Epoxy Coating and Integrity of Gas Transmission Pipeline” at a total cost of Rs. 3.680 million jointly funded by PSF and SSGC was initiated on equal basis.

Another important project of Research and Development Industry Programme is, “Design and Manufacturing of Light Weight Composite Reinforced CNG Cylinders” at a total cost of Rs. 4.000 million (Jointly funded by SUPARCO and PSF).

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