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You Are At Technology TimesNewsMiscalculation about cotton yield needs to be removed

Miscalculation about cotton yield needs to be removed

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan cotton production was around 15 million bales during the last season despite floods. This is indeed good news. It also proved that since Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) was less compared to previous years, therefore, cotton crop losses have been less.
It is to be mentioned here that in 1992-93 season, Pakistan had achieved a bumper crop that became a benchmark.
“If we produced 15 million bales this season still it does not mean that we have broken the 1992-93 record,” said an cotton expert while commenting on the fresh cotton crop production volume.
He said that many cotton farmers now do not plant a second rotation crop. This means there's a trade off in terms of a second crop and the longer duration crop is actually producing less than the crop during 1990s. Further, bale size was 170 Kg standard. Now it has been reduced to 155 Kg so the number of bales produced is also not comparable to the 1990s.
According to him, these are the sort of issues when we analyze crop production figures because simply claiming that production is more than before is not totally correct.
Also while emphasis has been on yield increase, no attention has been given to fiber characteristics issue, which is poor and declining gradually and in the end, hurts the textile industry.



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