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2 million unverified SIMs blocked

STAFF REPORT ISB: Around two million SIMs have been blocked around across Pakistan as the government had declared that all unverified SIMs may be blocked to keep a check over security.
Total SIMs were 135 million which were to be verified out of which two million were blocked and other are in the process of verification or blockade.
National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication has recently been informed that a joint working group formed by the Ministry of Interior has been working on the process since January 12 last year.
The group comprises members from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Information Technology, Nadra, Federal Investigation Authority, Intelligence Bureau, mobile phone operators and PTA.
PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah told the standing committee that three months is not realistic time for such an uphill task but such are the directions from the Ministry of Interior.
He further said “But it is now necessary after the terror incident in a public school in Peshawar on Dec 16, 2014,” Dr Shah said.


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