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  • Schiff bases & its significance

    A SCHIFF base contains a functional group that possesses a characteristic double bond between carbon and nitrogen in which nitrogen is directly connected to an aryl or alkyl group. Schiff bases were first synthesized in 1864 by a German chemist Hugo Schiff. The general formula of Schiff base is R1CH=NR2, where R1 and R2 are aryl, cycloalkyl, alkyl or heterocyclic groups. These bases possess azomethine group (-C=N) so these are also called as azomethines, imines or anils. In nature, an imine group (-C=N) is present in the molecular chain of Ancistrocladidine tha…Read More

  • Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: An introduction and applications

    Photoacoustic (PAS) or optoacoustic spectroscopyis a unique form of spectroscopy that uses sound and light to examine the behaviour of material. This technique is used tostudy thermal emission developing from non-radiative de-excitation after absorbing radiation from the incoming light. Alexander Graham Bell was the first scientist to detect the photoacoustic effect in 1880. He discovered that thin disc when exposed to an interrupted beam of sunlight produces an audible sound in UV and IR electromagnetic spectrum of the sun. After the invention of laser in late …Read More